Project 2: Operationalizing Wonder and Wonder-full Education

16 November 2017

The aim of the first phase of this project is to operationalize the concept of wonder, the aim of the second to operationalize the concept of wonder-full education. Studying the sense of wonder empirically requires a clear definition of (the different types of) wonder that allows us to distinguish it from neighboring concepts, as well as clarity about different aspects and possible indicators of wonder; the same holds for wonder-full education.

Guiding hypotheses are: 1) that we can distinguish – conceptually and experientially – between ‘inquisitive’ wonder and ‘contemplative’ wonder; and 2) that both of these can be distinguished from awe and curiosity. The project aims to deliver theoretical and operational definitions of (the two types of) wonder and of wonder-full education. Wonder is an elusive phenomenon. The challenge will be to 'capture' the phenomenon as well as possible, so as to be able to conceptualize it in a way that allows us to study it empirically.