AME Conference in Barcelona, 8-10 November

29 October 2018

This year the 44th Conference of the AME Association for Moral Education will focus on Moral Education Toward a Caring Society, Civic Engagement and Moral Action.



Wonder as a Morally Formative Experience (Abstract written by Anders Schinkel)

Deep wonder is a response to the mystery of existence. It includes the experience of a ‘meaning gap’, a breakdown of meaning: your frameworks of understanding fall short. But deep wonder also contains the suggestion of new meaning – the hint of a promise that the meaning gap can be closed. Its moral-developmental potential is therefore ambiguous: it may reveal the world as mysterious but precious, and thus become a morally ‘in-formative’ experience – or it may shatter our sense of meaningfulness of the world, becoming morally ‘ex-formative’. Moral education  should therefore attend to the meaning gap that surfaces in wonder.