Lynne Wolbert

Postdoctoral researcher


Lynne Wolbert is a postdoctoral researcher in philosophy of education at the Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Lynne was born and raised in Weerselo, a village in the (far) east of the Netherlands. In 2002, she moved to the “big city” of Amsterdam to study (child) psychology and philosophy of education. Lynne graduated in 2011, while very pregnant of her second child. In 2012, she was fortunate to be able to start her PhD under supervision of Doret de Ruyter and Anders Schinkel, which is now (nearly) finished. Lynne is currently also writing a non-academic book on child rearing ,which is, as well as a dream come true, the most scary thing she has ever tried.

Areas of expertise

Philosophy of education


In Lynne’s PhD thesis she critically reflected upon current theories in philosophy of education that defend human flourishing as an ideal aim of education. She concluded that theory on education for flourishing should make very clear how flourishing is conceptualised, and what consequences that has for aiming for the future flourishing lives of children. In her current postdoc project she investigates the relation between wonder and human flourishing, and whether wonder-full education contributes to children’s flourishing.

Selected publications

  • Wolbert, L. S., De Ruyter, D. J. and Schinkel, A. (2015) Formal criteria for the concept of
  • human flourishing: the first step in defending flourishing as an ideal aim of education,
  • Ethics and Education, 10 (1), 118–129. doi:10.1080/17449642.2014.998032
  • Wolbert, L.S. De Ruyter, D.J. and Schinkel, A. (2017). What kind of theory should theory on education for human flourishing be?, British Journal of Educational Studies, DOI: 10.1080/00071005.2017.1390061
  • Wolbert, L.S., De Ruyter, D.J. and Schinkel, A. (2017). Child rearing, risk, and striving for human flourishing, Educational Theory. Manuscript accepted for publication.