Willeke Rietdijk

Postdoctoral researcher


Willeke Rietdijk is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


I was born in Alphen aan den Rijn but raised in Twente. During my teenage years, I became interested in how as humans we can fulfil our deepest potential, leading me to study clinical psychology and psychology of religion at the Radboud University Nijmegen, graduating with a BA/MA in 1997. After working as a psychologist in the Netherlands I moved to the South of England in 2002 to become a residential teacher at an international secondary school for holistic education, where inquiry and a love for learning were central. Alongside my five years there I also qualified with a Master’s of Education, and subsequently became an educational researcher at the University of Southampton, where I worked for 10 years until I came back to the Netherlands in 2019.

Areas of expertise

(Inquiry-Based) Science Education, Holistic Education, Mindfulness, Contemplative Education, Health Education, Phenomenology, Qualitative research


At Southampton Education School I conducted quantitative and qualitative research for various large scale, primary and secondary science education projects. Several of these were EU (FP7) research collaborations. During this time I also embarked on a PhD on micro-phenomenological processes and mechanisms of mindfulness, which is nearly finished.

My research interests lie at the intersection between educational philosophy, human and character development, flourishing and well-being, inquiry-based science and nature education, holistic education and mindfulness/contemplative education.

Since March I have been working as postdoctoral researcher at the Wonder-full Education Project, which for me really brings most of these interests together. I am responsible for Project 7 which encompasses interviewing children to explore their experiences of wonder, and teachers to find out how important a sense of wonder is to them and to what extent and how they stimulate it in their pupils. I feel fortunate to work on this project and to contribute to more knowledge and insight about the importance of wonder for learning and flourishing.

Selected publications

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